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At Breakneck speed

From 20 to 200 participants 

Become a member of a F1 team for a morning or an afternoon and create your racing car from our cardboard sheets. Cut, assemble and decorate your car before the time is up... and race against your colleagues from the other teams with this team building activity. A breakneck-speed activity!

Price Details : 

For less than 20 participants: €1500 htva*

From 21 to 60 participants: €64 htva pp.*

From 61 to 80 participants: €60 htva pp.*

From 81 to 155 participants: €56 htva pp.*

From 126 to 200 participants: €54 htva pp.*

Extra info: The activity can be provided in English, French and Dutch

*Provision of spaces and services not included

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