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A new H.Poirot investigation

From 10  to 100 participants

Armed with a quiz and divided into a team, dive into a new adventure to wake up your detective talents and help Hercule Poirot to solve the crime ...
But who is the murderer? You will need to explore every corner of the hotel, from the treatment plant, rooms, and through the auditorium. Could you rise the challenge?

Supplement Suggestions:  For a minimum of 15 pax

- Extra Challenge: Harmonica Proof
- Extra Challenge: The "Chefs fight" with the chocolatier in an extra room 

- The quiz on a tablet in place of the paper quiz
- Do it in segway
- Prize/gift for the winning team from € 5 p.p.

Price & Activity Details : 

From 1 to 25 people maximum per game master 
-For a minimum of 10 to 15 pax: €119.5 pp

-For a min of 16 to 25 pax: €93.5 pp

-For a min of 26 to 50 pax: €81 pp (2 game masters)

-For a min of 51 to 75 pax: €64, 5 pp (3 game masters)

-For a min of 76 to 100 pax: €52 pp (4 game masters)

These prices include the provision of the guide(s), the entrance and visit of the Foundation Folon (according to opening hours), the quiz, the host Hercule Poirot, the final drink, our services.

Extra info: The activity can be provided in English, French and Dutch

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