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Dine around

From 10 to 100 participants 

Each place has its atmosphere, its behaviour, its specialities...

We offer you to the opportunity, the time of, an appetizer, a beer, a meal and a dessert to visit some of these very typical places of our capital: Brussels.

A guided walk that offers the unique opportunity to discover or rediscover the typical delicacies of our regions. Travel, accompanied by one of our guides is also learning the history of Brussels.

An original way to marry the digestive and cultural adventure while changing the neighbour table at every step!

BEST OF Option*: Eat the dessert to the famous Laurent Gerbaud chocolate factory

Price & Activity Details:

Maximum of 25 people per guide (20 people if BEST OF formula).

-For a min of 10 to 15 pax: €202.5 pp (1 guide)

-For a min of 26 to 50 pax: €172 pp (2 guides)

-For a min of 51 to 75 pax: €135.5 pp (3 guides)

-For a min of 76 to 100 pax: €129 pp (4 guides)


These prices include: the provision of the guide (s) (max 25 people per guide) (max 5h), appetizer beer and cheese and cold cuts in a tavern, 1 typical Belgian dish + 2 drinks, a dessert + 1 hot drink in a third place, the flat guides, the car (s) for transfer Return from the Dolce (timing from 17h to 22h), our service


* MAX 40 people
This price includes: the provision of the guide (s) (max 20 people per guide) (max 6h), appetizer beer and plate delicatessen and cheese, 1 dish + 2 drinks, the workshop creation of "mendiants" or tasting at the chocolatier + 1 drink, the exclusivity of the chocolate factory, the dish of the guide, the bus (s) for transfer Return from the Dolce (timing from 17h to 23h); our services.

Extra info: The activity can be provided in English, French and Dutch

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