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Serious Play

From 15 to 120 participants 

For a few years, LEGO® has been developing a range of corporate products and concepts. The magic of the concept? The expression of abstract concepts with colourful bricks. Wannapplay teams were trained to use LEGO® Serious Play® techniques and now propose your teams to discover this simple but powerful concept.

Price Details : 

Lego Challenge - Players

For less than 20 participants: €1200 VTAex*

From 21 to 50 participants: €55 VTAex/player*

From 51 to 100 participants: €53 VTAex/player*

From 101 to 150 participants: €51 VTAex/player*

Lego Serious Play

For a team of  20 participants: €2490 VTAex (Contact us)*

Extra info: The activity can be provide in English, French and Dutch

*Provision of spaces and services not included

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