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From 8 to 100 participants 

Looking for a unique escape room?


The Sphere proposes a unique experience through time and space. Riddles, physical challenges, teamwork will help you succeed to unravel the mysteries of the past and future...


Are you ready for 2 hours of unforgettable experience?

Once the doors of the spaceship close, you will be left with no other choice than to accept the challenges proposed! After your bodies have been scanned, you will discover our state of the art Spaceship, the Sphere and be given one mission: repair the loopholes in the timeline.


Using sophisticated technology and realistic scenery, you will travel from one room to the other, led by the crew of the spaceship impersonated by professional actors. Each accomplished mission will allow you to gain energy to travel to your next stop and will give you a precious advantage for the final game…


Price Details : 

Budget : from €95 p.p.

Extra info: Consult The SPHERE website

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