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Trail of Discovery

From 20  to 100 participants

Through Trails of Discovery, we want to bring you to places you may never have considered before; places that will bring your senses alive and inspire you to think outside the boardroom, whether you are with colleagues or kindred spirits. From lush forests to fascinating art, this carefully curated trail will allow you and your team to explore and discover the local area. Guided by clues through an exciting off-road bike ride, your team will experience their own personal journey, finding the best that La Hulpe has to offer. 

Price & Activity Details : 

The Trail of Discovery is a fun 4-hour experience during which you will discover the unique beauty and personality of La Hulpe through a set of clues for your team to uncover.
As a team leader, you will guide your team through this journey by following steps.

The price is €75,00/participant**

*Please note that your team’s map has limited information. You will hold full details of each Point of Discovery included in this guide to be able to lead them through the trail.

Extra info: The activity can be provided in English, French and Dutch

**Provision of spaces and services not included

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