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VR Play

From 20 to 80 participants 

Virtual reality, everybody wants a piece of it… but the challenge is to offer a collaborative VR experience! We offer this possibility through 5 short missions, from bobsleigh to shooting, from a virtual quiz to a pictionnary and eventually an immersive investigation game. And always as a team experience! We recommend this activity during a meal, between meals, in order to space out the immersion moments.

Complete your experience with Infernal machine!

The digital escape game *Interior *Digital *teambuilding Professor Tryphon Von Zeitvertreib's machine, invented to save humanity, found itself in evil hands. The fate of the planet lies now in your hands. In a team, you will have to deactivate the 8 modules of the machine in order to make it harmless. Time is of the essence, 90 minutes to reach the end of your mission! This concept combines advanced image recognition and augmented reality technologies.

Price Details : 

VR Play

For less than 20 participants: €1600 VTAex*

From 21 to 40 participants: €75 VTAex/player*

From 41 to 60 participants: €70 VTAex/player*

From 61 to 80 participants: €68 VTAex/player*

Infernal Machine

For more than 20 participants: €1600 htva*

For less than 20 participants: €80 htva/player*


Extra info: The activity can be provide in English, French and Dutch

*Provision of spaces and services not included

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